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TOP DOG Aprons in Poultry Processing Facility

The TOP DOG apron is not only lightweight and easy to maintain but very durable. Without hesitation, I would recommend the TOP DOG apron and sleeves to anyone as we have found them to be very practical and cost effective. We have been using your product for five years, and I cannot think of an instance where we disposed of your product because it wore out!
Duane Lefebvre
Plant Manager
Hallmark Poultry Processors Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
Phone 604-254-9885
[email protected]
Understanding the Difference Between Value and Price

I am fortunate to be able to sell a Quality Canadian Brand Product at a fair price with no hesitation. Many of my customers now understand the difference between price and value. Once they try TOP DOG products they don’t go back to less quality products as the product proves itself. TOP DOG will do everything they can to satisfy a customer.
Kelly German
McCordick Glove & Safety Inc.
Industrial Sales Representative On
[email protected]