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Top Dog produces REUSABLE,  durable, food safe protective apparel that outperforms and outlasts the competition.

Top Dog continually monitors industry trends to offer you the most choices to keep production staff safe.

Check out our selection of suits, smocks, covers, gloves, glove tighteners, custom products and shower curtains.

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Suits 8mil Jacket
Suits 8mil Vented Jacket
Suits 8 mil Overalls
Suits 8 mil Pants
Smock 6 mil, full length
Glove Tightener
8 mil
Lab Coat
6 mil
Shower Curtain
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sizing charts & cleaning instructions

Most of Top Dog’s garments are sized for length and width (in metric dimension only) and these dimensions can be located by looking up the product details on the “Product Numbers” menu. However, some garments require additional sizing information. The following Top Dog garments are sized in either metric or imperial measure: Gowns, Pants, Wash-down Suits

  • As Top Dog’s Spanish and Portuguese distributor, we pride ourselves in selling the best quality products that we can source. Your products make that amazingly easy. Our business has increased year after year, and we see it continuing. We strongly recommend your products to anyone that is looking to add high quality, food safe, protective apparel to their product offering. Thank you for helping us grow.

    Fredes Misis CEO, Tonica
  • Bunzl Safety has been supplying Top Dog products into the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Assembly Plant in Cambridge and Woodstock Ontario, Canada, for over 20 years. The high-quality pure polyurethane products have proven to meet and exceed Toyota’s expectations. We recommend the exceptional TDM pure polyurethane products to the automotive industry needing specialized protection for all employees and stand behind the impeccable quality standards of Top Dog.

    Darryl Heslip Ontario Sales Manager, McCordick - A Bunzl Company
  • Top Dog is a great company with great people. They make specially-made products that make the difference between the big guys and the best guys.

    Armando Jimenez Diken
  • Here at Farm Import, we always look for innovative products, with the highest level of quality. But besides the importance of the products, we like to establish long term relationships with our suppliers. Top Dog offers that and more. The quality of its protective clothes is superlative and the human quality of the Top Dog staff makes us feel confident. Top Dog is adding value to our company and we are adding value with our clients. We are proud to be a Top Dog Distributor.

    Sergio Morales Director, Farm Import
  • I have used TOP DOG MFG products for several years while working in the aquaculture industry in BC, Yukon and on the East Coast of Canada. The gowns, aprons and sleeves are very versatile and durable, made to withstand the demands of fish processing plants, spawning  broodstock, picking eggs, and general fish handling tasks. They repel the water, stand up to minus 20 degree freezers, provide a layer of warmth,  are easy to clean and disinfect by hand, or in the washing machine. They dry quickly in air and are dryer tolerant as well. A great added feature is the available variety of colours which allows the facility to colour code specific areas of work so to maintain biosafety or food safety of the facility. The Top Dog Mfg service is great and the company is innovative and always willing to work with the client to find solutions.

    The Centre for Aquaculture Technologies Robin Muzzerall, Facility Manager

  • Industry leading product durability
  • Reusable
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • Our products last longer
  • Food safe
  • FDA, CFIA, EU compliant
  • Industry leading colour coded choices
  • Enhanced anti-microbial properties
  • Industry leading customer service
  • Will never crack
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% resistant to animal fats & degreasers
  • 100% resistant to cleaning chemicals & water
  • Soft and Supple to -65C
  • Maintains original shape
  • Almost nothing sticks to PU


  • Less durable
  • More frequent replacement of apparel
  • May not be food safe
  • Fewer colour options
  • Lower levels of microbial resistance
  • Prone to cracking (host for mold / bacteria)
  • Lower levels of resistance to animal fats & degreasers
  • Lower levels of resistance to cleaning chemicals & water
  • Stiffens as temperature drops
  • Will not return to original shape after stretching
  • Plant waste can stick to material
  • Single use and disposable
  • More expensive
  • Higher waste generation