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A single welded seam, with elastic cuffs at both ends. Often sold in combination with apron.

Made with Pure Polyurethane (PU) film

  • Over 20 years, we have developed and refined a proprietary PU formula, and manufacturing processes, designed to maximize
    • reusability
    • food safety
    • durability  
    • comfort 
    • sustainability  
  • 6 mil/150 micron thickness
  • 18″/46cm or 21″/53cm length 
  • 6 colour choices (see page 2 of TDS)
    • More product detail in “View Technical Data Sheet” (TDS) link


Available Colours

  • Dark Blue

  • Royal Blue

  • Yellow

  • White

  • Red

  • Green

sizing charts & cleaning instructions

Most of Top Dog’s garments are sized for length and width (in metric dimension only) and these dimensions can be located by looking up the product details on the “Product Numbers” menu. However, some garments require additional sizing information. The following Top Dog garments are sized in either metric or imperial measure: Gowns, Pants, Wash-down Suits